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Welcome to Popcorn Geeks, where our love for popcorn knows no bounds! We're more than just a popcorn website; we're a community of popcorn enthusiasts on a mission to elevate your popcorn experience. So, grab a bucket of your favorite kernels, kick back, and allow us to introduce ourselves.

Our Story

Popcorn Geeks was born out of a simple idea: to celebrate the world's most versatile and delicious snack. Our owners and staff, are true popcorn aficionados who believe that this humble treat deserves its own spotlight. With backgrounds in culinary arts and a passion for experimenting with flavors, they embarked on a flavorful journey that led to the creation of Popcorn Geeks.

Image by Corina Rainer
Image by Maiken Ingvordsen

Our Mission

At Popcorn Geeks, our mission is simple.  We take care of our employees, who take care of our customers, and then we take care of our community.  We bring the joy of gourmet popcorn to your fingertips. We're not just here to sell popcorn; we're here to share our joy, creativity, and passion with fellow popcorn lovers like you. We're committed to sourcing the finest kernels, crafting unique flavors, and delivering popcorn perfection right to your door.

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